Linen clothing has always been in demand among people who really appreciate natural beauty and environmental friendliness. Linen is famous for its high quality, density and richness, it is able to give a feeling of freshness and vigor throughout the day. These properties are explained by the unique structure of the plant, which hasn't so strict ordering of plant fibers. Its naturalness ensures complete hypoallergenicity. Linen clothing is non-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. In addition, flax is a natural antiseptic. Interesting fact: bacteria and fungi are not able to multiply in linen fibers.

Another irreplaceable quality of flax, especially during hot summer days, is its ability to absorb excess moisture. When things from other types of fabrics have already adhered to the body and wet spots from sweat have appeared on them, linen absorbs excess moisture, and you feel great without being embarrassed that wet circles from sweat appear on your back or armpits ... Linen clothes are breathable, providing excellent air exchange. Another feature of flax, indispensable in summer time - flax practically doesn't let ultraviolet rays pass through itself, only ten percent of the radiation reaches the skin.

It is necessary to follow the simple rules of caring for LinenBy products made from natural flax. Be sure to follow all our recommendations and take care of things, guided by the symbols on the label, which is attached to the product, and then your delicate things will save their beautiful appearance and high quality for a long time.